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Faith, healing and God’s best for you !

Book + 14 teachings on USB

Book – The Faith That Works by Peter Youngren

How Faith Works?

  • Learn what faith is, and how it works.
  • Discover love – the source of unlimited faith.
  • Discern between mental believing and real faith.
  • Step into a world where “all things are possible”.
  • Move from trying to have faith to “the faith of Christ”.
  • Discover the secret of the two to whom Jesus ascribed “great faith”.



Teachings on MP3

Faith That Works Through Him

FAITH IS A PERSON – Everything changes when we discover that faith is not a concept or formula. Faith is the vibrant reality of Christ in us.

FAITH GROWS – Learn the two ingredients necessary for faith to grow exceedingly. Discover why you will never again lack faith.

THE REST OF FAITH – All too often faith is a stress-filled pursuit of God’s blessings. Real faith is the very opposite – it is restful.



Unlimited Faith 

Discover the faith that moves mountains every time.

Jesus’ faith in you | The only faith that works | Your faith is closer than you think | Two with great faith

Teaching includes:

Faith or Mental Believing
The Only Faith that Works
Your Faith is Closer Than You Think
Two with Great Faith




What it is? What it looks like? How it really works?

Do you feel that you need more faith? Discover how Jesus’ own faith can be yours. In this teaching Peter Youngren shows how mountain-moving faith is possible for every believer.

As you study ‘What faith is’, ‘What faith looks like’, ‘How faith works’ and ‘How faith grows’, you will enjoy ever increasing faith.

Teaching includes:

1. What Faith Is
2. What Faith Looks Like
3. Faith Is A Decision
4. How Faith Works
5. Ever Increasing Faith
6. Faith Where You Least Expect It
7. Only His Faith Works

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