A New & Living Way MP3


Are you weary of a burdensome hike in your Christian walk? Impassable mountains seem to be everywhere on your horizon without any oasis for relaxation and enjoyment? It doesn’t have to be that way! Be sure you are on the right road – and experience God’s powerful grace to the fullest.

1. The way to everything. Discover the difference between the old and dead way of religious effort, compared with the new and living way of Gods grace.

2. The Prayer trap. Learn how many sincere Christians get caught in a trap of old and dead prayer, prayers that simply don’t work, leading only to frustration. Then discover prayers the new and living way.

3. The pursuit of blessing. Many are frustrated because of an unfruitful pursuit of seemingly elusive blessings. Instead you will learn to travel the road where the blessings of God are assured. A great teaching for people who need healing.

4. Instant access to God’s presence. By drawing from Old Testament types and up to date examples, Peter shows the sure path to relationship, friendship and God’s presence. Learn to experience Gods presence daily.

4 tracks.

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