Breaking Free From A Limited Life MP3


How do you see yourself? What are your “defining moments” and how have they affected you? How can our past limit our future? Is there more “territory” to you? How are the two components; God’s provision and my desires working together?

The common denominator in humanity is shame, a very destructive energy, that finds inroads to everything. Has shame influenced your life? The life of people you love?

Discover the truth that Jesus is your portion – you are blessed in Him, redeemed to be bold in Christ! Leave your zone of limitations put on you by tradition, failures or even your successes. Break free from a limited life and enjoy the abundant, first-rate life. In this best-seller teaching, Peter takes a fresh look at the life of Jabez. You will find yourself riveted til the last teaching.

Teaching includes 4 tracks:

1. Life’s Defining Moments
2. The Covenant of Blessing
3. The “Wow” Factor
4. Barriers Coming Down

CD Album

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