Fire From Heaven + Great Wealth Transfer + My Muslim Friends


Fire From Heaven

“Fire From Heaven” is the dynamic story of the power of God being demonstrated in the former Soviet Union. In 1987, God told Peter Youngren to prepare for the evangelism of this once atheistic stronghold. Now with the doors wide open, crowds of over 200,000 have attended a single service. Miracle after miracle has occurred as blind eyes open, deaf ears are unstopped and the crippled begin to walk.

Great Wealth Transfer
  • Discover the profound meaning of this 2500 years old prophecy.
  • Learn life-changing principles from 3 wealth transfers; 2 are past, and 1 is now.
  • Learn 9 powerful benefits of the gospel.
  • Learn how 1st century believers handled finances, and what it means today.
  • Study the correlation between a global spiritual awakening and God’s abundance.
  • Discover the power of the alignment, between God’s purposes and yours.
My Muslim Friends

In this sometimes provocative and challenging book, Christians are encouraged to discard bigoted views of Muslims, while Muslims are challenged to learn more of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The author quotes freely from the Bible as well as Islam’s holy book, the Koran, noting that these are the only ancient scriptures which give Jesus a supreme position.

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