Healing And Wholeness Through Christ Your Healer CD + The Faith That Works BOOK

The Faith That Works BOOK

  • Learn what faith is, and how it works.
  • Discover love – the source of unlimited faith.
  • Discern between mental believing and real faith.
  • Step into a world where “all things are possible”.
  • Move from trying to have faith to “the faith of Christ”.
  • Discover the secret of the two to whom Jesus ascribed “great faith”.

Healing And Wholeness Through Christ Your Healer 2 CD ALBUM

Our physical needs or doctors’ reports can overwhelm us when we’re sick. Many focus on special prayers or religious ceremonies to be healed by God. Some would have you believe it’s “His will” you remain sick.

Peter Youngren shatters those thoughts in this teaching, by directing focus to Christ as your Healer.

You can receive healing and wholeness today! Even if you’re not sick – this is preventative medicine everyone needs to hear.

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