How God Works His Best Plan With People CD ALBUM


Learn how God works with you, in you and through you.

• 1 God’s bigger and better plans

Using biblical and up-to-date examples, Peter demonstrates that sometimes the best thing that can happen is that our plans are shattered, in order to make room for God’s bigger and better plans.

• 2 ”This is how I work with people”

Peter gives a detailed description of how a potter works with the clay, applying it to God’s workings in our lives.

• 3 God at work in the businesses of your life 

You discover that God prioritizes showing Himself mighty even in our business. Be it personal business affairs or the grand scheme of business, God has a plan to help and bless those who trust in Him.

• 4 The journey into God’s best plan

There are common components in God’s workings and in our response, and in this study, Peter brings these to light with the clarity, that is certain to help everyone who wants 100% of God’s plan.

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