Practical Prosperity CD ALBUM


Unlock the secret that releases divine abundance in all areas of life:

– Prosperity begins in the heart;
– Five absolutes about your prosperity; and,
– Your comfort zone is your prosperity zone.

1: Our lives are the result of our programming: thoughts, words and experiences. Find out the 3 “evil” treasures and the 3 “good” treasures that every believer faces.

2: Prosperity begins in the heart. Learn what are the hidden treasures of the heart and how they influence your prosperity. Discover the power of expanding your comfort zone, for your comfort zone is your prosperity zone.

3: Giving is central to prosperity in life. It is a demonstration of one’s love and an expression of faith. It is an exercise of the nature of God.

4: Discover “five absolutes” that will increase your prosperity. This teaching was recorded in the smaller setting of a “Life Achiever” seminar. It includes many practical considerations, including the “Rhino Principle.”

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