Success in Life by God’s Grace MP3



The first 6 chapters of the book of Nehemiah tell the story of an unprecedented turnaround. For 86 years, Israel had experienced stagnation and destruction. And then, during a 52 day period, everything changed! Peter Youngren breaks this story down, verse by verse, to apply the lessons of leadership and success in life by God’s grace.

In this teaching of when you will learn:

How to turn a difficult, even impossible situation, into success. | How God’s grace opens doors for you. | How to set goals with measurable results.

1: God-given visions begin with love.
2: How to set goals.
3: The power of inward authority.
4: Obstacles that block your success – God’s wisdom to remove them.
5: The problems keep coming – so do God’s solutions.
6: Ode to the worker.

6 tracks.

CD Album

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