Living The Better Covenant

Jesus has become the Mediator of a better covenant, which was established on better promises.  Understanding righteousness will greatly help us to know and experience the realities of this better covenant. Getting the Foundation Right First “Self-Righteousness or God’s Righteousness, the choice is yours!” These words came from a bishop during a pastors’ and leaders’ seminar in a city […]

Remove The Guilt And Just Rest In Him

When I awoke to this revelation, I discovered this gospel of grace to be the most liberating message I had ever heard! God’s word gives us great hope for our future. Circumstance doesn’t define who you are: God has defined who you are in Christ. As a result of the finished work of the cross, God […]

Two Covenants, Not One!

Let’s get these covenants separated. That simple step will make a world of difference in understanding our Bible. Over three weeks, I’ve been sharing a three-part series of teachings on the “Sunday Preaching” broadcast called, “Two Covenants, Not One.” For many years, I stayed confused when I read the Bible because I didn’t understand this […]