War On Fear MP3


Winning against the most destructive force unleashed against humanity!

These 3 MP3 tracks by Peter Youngren includes these powerful teachings:

1. How Fear Works – How God Works

To fear is to “be in awe of” and who or what we fear, determines our lives. From post-traumatic stress disorder to psychosomatic disease, fear is at the root of a range of human problems. Discover God’s law against fear and the power of cultivating your spiritual worth.

2. What I Greatly Feared…

In one of the oldest stories of the ancient biblical record, we discover the anatomy of fear, but also the pathway to freedom. Fear attracts his own company bent on negativity, but God always provides the opportunity to a greater life.

3. God’s Remedy For Fear

Fear happens to people and in situations where you least would expect it. In fact, fear affects everyone at some level. In this study, look at four powerful statements that takes us from fear into purpose and destiny.

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